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Dear Church
I have often wondered what Jesus would say to us as a church. Would He be pleased or disappointed? Would there be encouragement or chastisement? Over the next few weeks, …

Practically Speaking
This series will go through the book of James, one chapter each week. It is our prayer that throughout the series each person will learn to live their life with genuine f…

Lessons with Luke
Jesus loved to speak to the crowds in parables. Parables held the crowd's attention and at the same time taught them some incredible godly lessons. Movies can be modern-d…

Gear Up
Jesus warned us in John 10 that there is a very real spiritual enemy who comes to "steal, kill, and destroy." Jesus warned the Apostle Peter that Satan was preparing to l…

Do you ever remember when you were a kid and in need of a "Do-Over"? As I get older, I notice that I've never really outgrown needing a Do-Over. This is what Jesus came t…

Blessed Beyond Measure
Finding blessings beyond the daily grind of life

Faith vs Fear
We are in unprecedented times. The novel corona virus has become a pandemic and with the use of technology, governments have the means to communicate to the masses asking…

Your Gospel Story
Our gospel story, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is written in God's bigger story.

141 One for One
This new sermon series is called 141 (or One for One). We want to recenter ourselves around our vision to REACH THE ONE WHO NEEDS CHRIST in our community and our world.

This Changes Everything
We're embarking on a brand new sermon series on how the birth of Jesus changes everything for us.

Gleanings from Ruth
We will discover that despite making poor decisions and having to endure the consequences, Ruth and Naomi enjoyed the incredible grace of God.

Forward Sunday

Ghost Stories
We are starting a brand new series that we have entitled “Ghost Stories.” No we aren’t going to tell tales of horror and gore, but we are over the next few weeks g…

Unexpected Places
We all have thoughts of where we should find God, but sometimes he shows up, or we find him in the most unexpected places. In this sermon series we will look at four diff…

It doesn’t take long searching the gospels to find some truly unbelievable stories. In this series, we're going to spend the next few weeks looking at four incredible r…

At the Movies
In this sermon series we will be in the book of James. We will launch each sermon with a movie clip, then dive into James' letter to the church.

Are you there God? It's us, MC3.
We begin our new sermon series this week based on questions submitted by members. Our congregation had a lot of questions about a range of topics, and we'll begin this we…

Sweat the Details
We’ve all heard the old adage, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but in Philippians Paul encourages the believers to do just that, to sweat the details. For its in t…

In this stand alone sermon, we will look at how people can find their way to true paradise.

The story of Easter is the best news ever. In this story we see the worst of man, but the best of God. Over the course of 3 weeks, we will track our betrayal of Jesus. If…

This is a single sermon taught by our Youth Minister. This is second in a series of lessons he is teaching the youth during their "Livin' Room" small group. Find out abou…

Over the next few weeks, we will explore the book of Matthew and what it really means to follow Jesus and lead others to do the same.

Fixer Upper
In this series, we will do a broad study of the Book of Nehemiah as he rebuilds the wall of Jerusalem. We will study some of the characteristics that Nehemiah possessed a…

New Beginnings
As we look toward 2019, we wanted to "check under the hood" so to speak and remind ourselves what we need to be doing as a church. Over the next few weeks, we will look a…

Simple Christmas
It seems at times that Christmas gets complicated and busy with activities, parties, programs, and shopping. So this Christmas season we want to focus on the simplicity o…

An MC3 Thanksgiving sermon

The word exponential means to grow or rise at a steady or rapid rate; this is what we want to do with the life-changing message in our community.

Hello My Name Is
This series we will unpack what it means to be KNOWN by God.

Jericho: The Walls Fall Down
In this series we will learn how only God can make the walls come down. There are many walls in our lives that need to come down and just like the Israelites couldn't tea…

We begin a sermon series in the Book of Jonah. Jonah is considered a minor prophet, but he finds himself in a major spiritual dilemma. We will watch as Jonah runs from Go…