God never intended for our spiritual journeys to be solo pursuits. He created us for community, and in Christ, we belong together. Our Connect (C) groups offer you an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with God, with other people and with our community.


Within each C-Group, you will find opportunities to connect with God and people through:

  • Studying God’s word together.
  • Sharing life with others through conversation and discussion.
  • Praying for and with each other.
  • Serving others together.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey—just beginning to explore faith or have been Fully Devoted to Jesus for years—joining a C-Group is the best thing you can do to grow in your relationship with Christ. We have C-Groups that meet both on and off campus, weekly or monthly, and in homes, restaurants or at church. Check out the opportunities below.




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Off-Campus C-Groups

Off-campus C-Groups consist of 7-10 people who meet for 12-week semesters in homes in the surrounding community. Each C-Group is intended to share life together, build authentic relationships, grow in faith and serve in ministry together.






Missions C-Group: Keri Duncan and Melinda Wilson (Leaders)

Location: 1827 Preserve Creek Way Loganville, GA 30052

Time: Third Sunday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

Focus: Missions that take place locally and globally. This C-Group centers on prayer for our missionaries and the encouragement to fulfill the Great Commission.



Sunday C-Group: Art Stansberry (Leader)

Location: On campus, in Art Stansberry’s office. Enter through the portico doors.

Time: Sundays at noon

Focus:  Expanding and communicating the sermon topic of the Sunday morning worship service.



Park Springs Life Group: Mark McClanahan (Leader)

Location: 3410 Springhouse Circle Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Time: Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Focus:  Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis



Sunday Morning C-Groups


On Campus @ 9:30 a.m.




Location: Room 209

Facilitated by Jim Barber, this class is currently doing a study called “Chasing The Goose.” The study helps us look at how we get trapped in cages — responsibility, routine, assumptions, guilt, failure and fear — that keep us from living the true adventure the Holy Spirit wants for our lives.



Friendship Class

Location: Room 210

In John 15:15, Jesus said to His disciples: “…I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from My Father I have made known to you.”


The Friendship Life members are a group of friends who love the Lord and who strive to strengthen one another with prayer, love, fellowship and encouragement. Jon Peters and Donna Dukett alternate leading this group each week. David C. Cook Publishing House’s “Bible-In-Life” materials are used to guide our studies of God’s Word. Each week we learn Biblical principles that empower our daily living. You will find a warm and friendly welcome here! So if you want some true friends, come join us!



The Gathering

Location: Legacy Room

This class has a variety of teachers and covers many different topics. Topics range from a short history of the Bible, to the significance of Memorial Day, to Jesus as a Life Coach. The class also spends time focusing on specific books and verses of the Bible. 


This class is for those who have schedules that may prevent them from attending regularly, and who may be interested in hearing from a variety of teachers from different backgrounds. All are welcome.



Choosing Christ Class

Meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 am periodically throughout the year or by request


This discussion-based, eight-week class is intended for those who are contemplating giving their life to Christ and those who want to learn how to lead others to Jesus—an experience in why and how we should trust Christ with our lives. Church attendance, keeping the Commandments, taking communion or good living—none of this will lead us to Heaven. Salvation comes only through our trust in a person—Jesus Christ. Choosing Christ will give you the opportunity to explore what Scripture says about living and leading people into a growing relationship with Christ. As the gospel of John says about the Bible: “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name” (20:31). For more information, click here.



Loyal Bereans

Location: Room 203

This class is studying “God’s Unlikely Path to Success”, a character study of both Old and New Testament individuals whom God used in spite of their shortcomings. Currently we are examining the life of Samson from Judges 13 – 16. Many of our subjects show up in the “Faith Hall of Fame” from Hebrews chapter 11, and we examine how they got there. Life applications are always intertwined. This is a class that will revive your enthusiasm about being a Christian. This class is for singles and married persons of all ages.




Location: Room 211

This class studies the Bible, trying to make every Sunday a true “Bible” Study. They read a Bible verse then discuss its meaning and what it means for our lives today. They concentrate on the New Testament, but also study the Old Testament. Some of the content includes mature subject matter. This class also discusses anti-Bible teachings such as atheistic claims, non-Biblical traditions and the law. They spend time examining secular beliefs under the light of Biblical truths.


They take their name “Reach Out” very seriously and invite all to come visit, participate in their socials or become part of their family. There is no age limit for this class. It is felt that the lessons are relevant to all who have reached the age of discernment. The group includes a committed membership of social, single people and couples alike.



Monthly C-Groups

Dayspring Women’s Ministry

2nd Monday at 10 a.m. On Campus in the Legacy Room.

This is a group with a variety of gifts and interests that prays and studies in a circle of friendship and love. Email



Sunshine Women’s Ministry

2nd Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Off Campus/On Campus in the fellowship hall.

With a variety of service projects and through study and prayer, this group offers love and encouragement to all. Email



Women’s Leadership Team:

1st Sunday after worship service. Email



Young At Heart (Senior adults)

3rd Thursday of each month, except for July and August.

Young at Heart offers meetings/luncheons and day trips that feature fellowship, fun, special speakers and ministering to each other. Sign-up sheets for events, photo albums, and announcements can be seen at the Connections Center in the Mountainview Lobby. Email.



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Lead a C-Group

Do you want to see your closest friends grow in their faith as you do life together? If you are a member of MC3 Church and are willing to help us create an environment for people to grow and become Fully Devoted to Jesus, we’d love to help you start your own life group.


Yes, I want to lead a C-Group.