We know the gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to change our lives. We’ve seen it time and time again. Each time we see and hear it, we celebrate and praise our Lord. Take a peek at some of the lives we’ve been blessed to see God change.


Would you be willing to share your story? Would you be willing to tell us how Jesus has changed your life? If you would, it would be very encouraging to other people and encouraging to you, too, as you boldly proclaim Jesus as the Lord of your life.




Your Gospel Story – Will Tyler

Will Tyler had a vision for his life–until God intervened. In today’s editon of Your Gospel Story, Will shares how God led him down a different path from the one he expected.

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Your Gospel Story – Brad Dees

Brad Dees discusses how God used visions and dreams to create the perfect story for his and Windi’s adoption of their son, Brian.

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Your Gospel Story – Sheila McGaughey

Sheila McGaughey shares an unforgettable experience she had with the Lord on a mission trip to Amsterdam in today’s edition of YOUR GOSPEL STORY.

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Your Gospel Story – Hope Bresch-Stills

In today’s edition of Your Gospel Story, Hope Bresch-Stills shares how she came to believe in the message of Christ and how He influences the way she lives.

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Your Gospel Story – Terence Johnson

We’re starting a new series of videos called “Your Gospel Story.” This will offer an opportunity for believers to share how God has shaped their lives. In our first installment, Terence Johnson shares how he came to know Christ and the difference it has made in his life.

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Mark Sewell — He fought the good fight

Mark Sewell, a longtime church member, passed away May 8, 2018, following a courageous battle with brain cancer. Before his passing, Mark sat down with senior minister Art Stansberry to share his faith story.

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Terence Johnson – Lost in dangerous way

Before I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, I was lost in a dangerous way. Although I had perfected the art of mischief as a child, I knew there was something off. Outside the presence of my loving mother, I stayed in trouble at school and in the neighborhood. We were not strong church attenders, but I enj …

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Ellen Galloway – A long and winding road

Ellen Galloway grew up in a loving family and went to church every Sunday. As she grew older, however, she began to question her commitment to Christ and eventually put church on the back burner. All along, God had a plan for her life, including work in a prison ministry.

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