“The God who was with the church yesterday and in yesteryear is the Lord of today and tomorrow!”


MC3 Church came into existence on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. It was a day of rebirth and renewal for a congregation that has existed in some form since 1904.


Previously known as Mount Carmel Christian Church between 1913 and March 2018, the establishment of MC3 was the fruition of years of searching and seeking the Lord’s will for the future of this body of believers. The leadership felt led by the Lord to step away from the past and embrace a future to make Christ relevant to a lost world where He is desperately needed.


Our decision to become MC3 was a bold step forward. The decision acknowledged that the church needed to be re-envisioned and reimagined to become effective once again at winning new people to Christ and meeting the needs of our community.


The effort resembled very closely the same kind of searching and seeking that prodded 17 charter members to establish the Panthersville Christian Church in 1904. The tiny congregation first met in the home of their new pastor, J.T. Gazaway, in the rustic Panthersville community of South DeKalb County. In March 1906, the young congregation acquired an acre of property for its first facility on what would ultimately become Candler Road. In 1913, the name was changed to Mount Carmel Christian Church, representing the most prominent geographic feature in The Holy Land. Through the succeeding years, the church continued to proclaim the gospel message, led by different preachers and eventually moving first to a location on Rainbow Drive in DeKalb County and later to 6015 Old Stone Mountain Road in Stone Mountain. After selling the Old Stone Mountain Road Property, we began meeting at Parkview High School in January 2019, while searching for a new home facility.


Going forward, MC3 will stand strong on the unchanging principles of God’s Word. Our message and what we believe does not change—it is an eternal truth.